Back in December of 2013 we took a look at how Vancouver’s resident sport’s teams were faring with the use of their twitter and facebook accounts. We’re back to break it down a little further and to see if any teams have jumped to the head of the class or if any have fallen behind and need extra tutoring.

In this fist post we’ll provide a breakdown of who the teams are, how we will be grading them, and what criteria we will be using to grade each social media account.

This time we’ll take a look at the following six local teams; BC Lions, Vancouver Canadians, Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Giants, Vancouver Stealth, and Vancouver Whitecaps.

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Facebook: 116k

Twitter: 51.1k

Instagram: 4,987



Facebook: 988k

Twitter: 520k

Instagram: 94,090



Facebook: 1m

Twitter: 520k

Instagram: 94,090



Facebook: 6,561

Twitter: 11.5

Instagram: 981



Facebook: 19,533

Twitter: 6,014

Instagram: 2,140



Facebook: 116k

Twitter: 63.5k

Instagram: 30,665











An overall grade will be awarded to each team, that grade will be a cumulative grade average based on each social media account. Each social media account will be graded on a A, B, C, D scale based on three criteria; quality of content, size of audience, and level of interaction (this is SOCIAL media remember!).

We’ll provide insight on how each teams fares when competing for eye-balls within a market place using their social media outlets.

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