This was the MOST fun I have EVER had talking about the environment!

-Rhiannon Park, Delaware North, London Olympic Stadium

Campaign Design for Fan Engagement

Our mission is to inspire, enable and empower the sports industry to discover and leverage sustainability to drive triple bottom line returns. 

We lead hands-on sessions that provide leagues, teams, events, host cities and corporate partners with ‘use-this-today’ tools

And because it’s the sports industry, we have an absolute blast while we’re doing it.

We welcome inquiries from universities on collaborative delivery of workshops. Select topics are also available in guest lecture format for sports management, environmental management and related disciplines at the graduate student level.

Sports in the Era of Social Responsibility Workshop Series

This timely offering on essential subject matter for the modern era of the sports business. The series is staged from Level 1 – 3 for organizations to take a deep strategy dive, develop new revenue and build brand equity.

Participants come away with instantly applicable insights from business case studies and reality-based tools to drive their organization’s growth and mission objectives.

The session was definitely food for thought and quite inspirational.

Graham Plant, Vinci Facilities, London Olympic Stadium/West Ham FC

Level 1

Sports and the SDGs

Level 2

Creating High Value Partnerships via the SDGs

Understanding the New Global Language of Sports Partnerships

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have emerged as a rapidly adopted common language to address economic, social and environmental issues by 193 countries and over 2500 global corporations, including the world's Top 100 sports sponsors. They also present an exceptional opportunity for sports teams to develop and retain key brands' perceived value of their partnership with your franchise. This workshop is designed for sports leagues, teams and rightsholders to understand and leverage the language of the SDGs to drive partnership revenue and develop fresh, on-point activations with triple bottom line ROI. Run regionally as a 'huddle' for multiple teams' front offices or teams within a specific league, or as a custom session for your organization.  For more information click here.

Securing and Retaining High Value Corporate Partners

The world is shifting to 'purposeful' business models - consumers (and fans) expect it and brands are responding. The bar is high for delivering assets and campaigns top brands are looking for.  This workshop is designed to guide your partnerships team to identify highly desirable leads and win them by honing in on today's hot-button issues, as well as ensure you are creating compelling, high-return driven activations that secure existing partner revenue for the long term. For more information click here.

Level 3
Triple Bottom Line Fan Engagement

360-degree Campaign Design for Exponential Returns

This workshop supports team personnel and their brand partners in creating fan engagement campaigns, activations, contests and gameday experiences that resonate well beyond your venue and your season. 

Working in teams, participants channel their inner Don Draper to design socially responsible campaigns that pump up communities of fans the good old-fashioned way – fun-first and fan-first. No stale environmental lectures and pleas here. We bring all the reasons we love sport – passion, energy, loyalty, rivalry – in to the mix as we develop a killer asset and identify key partner leads for it – that you can walk out the door and sell tomorrow.

For more information, click here.

Other Workshops in Our Arsenal

Designing Triple Bottom Line Events

For Rightsholders, Venue Operators, Host Cities, Organizing Committees and Corporate Partners (Sponsors)

This workshop walks through the economic, social and environmental opportunities hosted events present for all stakeholders, and the proven pathways toplanning, funding and executing truly impactful events that resonate well after the confetti has been cleared away.

For further information on how we work with Host Cities, click here.

To learn more about this workshop, click here.

Event Legacy Planning Series

For Host Cities, Sports Commissions, Host City Agencies, Organizing Committees and Local Stakeholders

This series has both a strategy and a tactical planning mode. 

The strategy mode works with Host Cities, Sports Commissions, Economic Development and other relevant agencies to embed long-term strategies and leverage hosting occasions to drive aspirational goals, grounded in global best practices.

The tactical planning mode is/are facilitated session(s) bringing together local stakeholders and community leaders, rightsholders and sponsors, to design holistic and meaningful legacy programs and residual value from the public investment in hosted events.

Delivered in collaboration with the Ann Duffy Group

For more information on how we work with Host Cities, click here.

To learn more about this workshop series, click here.

Signing Onto the UN Sports For Climate Action Initiative (This Workshop is Free)

In 2018, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change established the ‘Sports for Climate Action‘ initiative, to support and guide the sports industry in achieving global climate change goals and demonstrate climate leadership.

As a co-author of the initiative, 5T Sports Group is dedicated to educating and promoting league’s, teams’ and rightsholders’ participation and leadership in this movement.

This workshop helps organizations understand the initiative, it’s five guiding principles and the tools and resources available to organizations who become signatories to Sports for Climate Action.

For more information on this workshop and the next available online session, click here.