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Our own Aileen McManamon provided her industry insight to Small Business BC by contributing an article featured in their 'Growing A Business" section. Small Business BC is British Columbia's premiere resource centre for knowledge-based business products and services. Aileen's article "The Business of Major Events: Exploring and Pursuing High Profile Contracts" focuses on ways to properly leverage the opportunities around sports events to help grow your business profile. The article is highlighted by her "Four Reasons to Pursue Major Events Business". Please visit Small Business BC for the full article here (more…)

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How a Shift in Focus for Tech Start-Up Could Revolutionize Baseball

“Baseball, America’s pastime.” Where, at the height of the sport, players are still able to chew tobacco; Ah, tradition! Joking aside and despite some of it’s ‘old boys club’ demeanour, Major League Baseball (MLB) has been able to change with the times. How has the MLB moved to in the 21st century? Thanks to Hollywood, the general public would point to “Money Ball” – the use of analytics to assemble the 2002 Oakland Athletics. Most recently in 2014 – implementing the new instant replay system, providing managers with a challenge system. Lastly, the formation of Major League Baseball Advanced Media “BAM” – a powerhouse in sport and entertainment.


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Fan Engagement

NFL Thursday Night Special Prime for Storytelling

If you think about it, it's remarkable how the NFL has been able to expand itself into the behemoth sport entity that it is today. In the beginning, the NFL practically went an entire work week without satisfying their fans core desire - games. However, we all know in the 1970's that changed with Monday Night Football (MNF). The NFL built momentum with MNF and it gave fans something to look forward to, after arguably the most loathed day of the week. (more…)

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Vancouver Sport’s Teams Social Media Report Cards

Back in December of 2013 we took a look at how Vancouver's resident sport's teams were faring with the use of their twitter and facebook accounts. We're back to break it down a little further and to see if any teams have jumped to the head of the class or if any have fallen behind and need extra tutoring. In this fist post we'll provide a breakdown of who the teams are, how we will be grading them, and what criteria we will be using to grade each social media account.

This time we'll take a look at the following six local teams; BC Lions, Vancouver Canadians, Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Giants, Vancouver Stealth, and Vancouver Whitecaps.

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