An RBI, an MVP, an FGP and an SDG walk into a bar…..*

Sports has a lot in common with the United Nations: It’s international, aspirational, and full of acronyms. Turns out they are aligned in a number of other ways. If you haven’t seen this table or these icons before, welcome to the Global Goals. They represent a common approach that businesses, governments and non-profits are classifying and speaking about issues that are vital for a vibrant, healthy world. They are also referred to as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). How does that relate to the sports sector? Click on any of the icons above for a current day example of how teams, leagues and events are bringing their own solutions to the table for a brighter future. *if you have a great punchline for this joke, send it to us and we’ll reward you with some groovy, sustainable swag from 5T.