Sustainable Sport Solutions Index

The Sustainable Sport Solutions Index is a searchable tool we’ve created to help venues, teams, leagues, rights holders find their way to peers who have innovated for good. 

Sustainability efforts around the world have been categorized by sport, venue size/annual attendence, climate solution(s) implemented, SDGs and more.  

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The Secret Language of Top Sports Partners

5T Sports Group's Aileen McManamon dishes on the new codewords the big brands are using to communicate their priorities and values. Are you fluent?

Decade of Action: Time to Give the Proverbial 110%

March 2020 item from Aileen McManamon in the The Sustainability Report outlining how teams and leagues can reach beyond their capacity and recruit fans to 'Build Back Better'

Sports Business Journal Feature

SBJ's Sports Sustainability In-Depth Feature (June 2015) covers a variety of teams' and leagues' initiatives to operate more sustainably.

Ipswich Blues Journal Article

This academic journal article chronicles the Ipswich Blues Football Club fans' response to the club's request to switch to renewable energy.

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