The Ultimate Playbook

These are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’), sometimes called the   Global Goals. The SDGs represent a common language that businesses, governments and non-profits are speaking to explain how they are working toward a healthy, equitable and prosperous world — for everyone, everywhere. Hiding behind each icon is an example of how sports organizations are working to end poverty, promote inclusive prosperity and protect the planet. 

5T Sports, as a B Corp and signatory to the UN Global Compact, both promotes and educates the sports industry and its partner brands on the power of the SDGs to build not only a better world, but also a stronger brand and a business model designed for 21st century success.

Ready to discover the ultimate playbook? See our roadmap, training and tools below.

An RBI, and MVP and an SDG walk into a bar.....*

Teams, Leagues, Federations and Events Organizers who walk this talk are 

1) securing longer-term and higher value partnerships 

2) building resilient operations to withstand economic downturns and environmental threats 

3) strengthening community relations among fans and non-fans alike, and 

4) building fundamental and lasting brand equity that attracts global attention. 

5T Sports Group offers a progressive set of training and tools, as well as a roadmap and links to resources for you to understand, translate and communicate your existing programs, policies and practices using the SDGs.

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5T Sports Group Sports x SDGs Roadmap

Embedding the UN SDGs into your Strategy, Operations and Communications

Training, Tools and Guidance to Chart Your Organization’s Path From Starting Line to High Performance in Triple Bottom Line Returns



♦ Workshop: The New Global Language of Sports Partnerships


♦ SportsxSDGs Workbook

♦ Sustainable Sports Solutions Global Index



    ♦ Workshop: Tracking and Measuring Progress


    ♦ Tracking & Impact Measurement Template

    ♦ Program, Policy and Practice Sample Metrics Checklist

    ♦ Reporting Guide (5T)

    ♦ Report Template



    ♦ Workshop: Identify New Partners and New Activations

    ♦ Workshop: Keys to Effective Fan Mobilization Campaigns


    Tracking & Impact Measurement Template

    Standardized Metrics (IOC)

    Partner Pitch Template

    Partner ‘Dossier’ Template



    ♦ Designing Fan Engagement Campaigns with Purpose


    ♦ Campaign Design Whitepaper
    ♦ Campaign Design Template