Local Business Engagement = Economic Impact

IWhen the circus comes to town, it’s no fun being outside the big top without a ticket. Make sure that’s not the case for your local business community. 

5T has developed a Local Business Engagement Program that supports bid and host cities in communicating early and effectively with your regional economic businesses about the opportunities and operational impacts that hosting a major event brings. 

5T Local Businesss Engagement Program Components

Our customizable, building-block approach can scale up and down to suit the event size. We have 12 workshop series topics, corresponding workshop materials and a ‘Business of the Games’ guide that are all customized to the scale and scope of the event. Our supplier portal serves as a directory of your regional businesses who have been educated on the games procurement plans, relationship building with official suppliers and longstanding contractors, as well as been familiarized with the bidding process. Buyers from the organizing committee, to broadcasters to competing delegations are all able to access the supplier portal. Within the workshop series we also run one or more matchmaking events.

A strong local business program is not only the way to ensure strong local returns and ensure goodwill –  is an outstanding marketable asset for a B2B corporate partner, such as a retail or commercial bank, accounting services firm, business software company or telecommunications provider.

We work with economic development agencies, tourism and convention bureaus, public sector departments, bid consortia and sports federations to deliver the ‘profit’ portion of people, planet and profit for host cities.