Futureproofing the Sports Industry.

5T Sports

Futureproofing the Sports Industry

The Games Must Go On

We’ve got some pretty tough challenges ahead of us: Poverty. Hunger. Inequality. Climate Change.
Hardly the time to play around.

But play is essential to our well-being.

5 Tool Sports Group has been working with leagues, teams and their partner brands for over 14 years – creating resilient, high performance organizations that weather crises and lift communities.

Think of us as your strength & conditioning coach – getting you game-ready and driving peak performance in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

You need practical tools* and straight talk. We’re realists. With direct brand, sport and agency experience.

We’ve got you.


*it’s no coincidence that ‘tools’ is in our name. We bring ours to the job and also help you sharpen up yours. 

The Sustainable Sports Roadmap

The road to becoming sustainable can be daunting. And it is not the same for everyone.

But there is consensus on the ‘order of operations’ to reaching top performance. Taking shortcuts will land you back at the starting blocks. We know because we’ve been at this for well over a decade – and we’ve seen a thing or two.

Our primary focus is at the high performance stage – impact partnerships and next-level engagement through fan mobilization©

Our clients are sports properties, global brands and their agencies looking for longstanding, high impact partnerships that resonate with consumers and fans, employees and investors. Basically, humans. We identify the path to delivering on promises – to society.

You gain the context of global best practices, access to turnkey tools, insights on transformational technologies and the ability to benchmark against industry peers when you train with 5T.

Our goal is to build the capacity in your organization to perform at your peak and build resilience to respond to new challenges as they emerge.


Sports Partner Score Card

Sports Partner Score Card

The stress test for your most visible brand partnerships.

Our 20-point assessment identifies where partners’ values aren’t aligned, leaving your brand vulnerable.

5T’s environmental & performance intelligence covers 70+ sports marketing brands and properties, revealing top prospects as well as poor performers.

Global brands, Sports Rights Holders and Agencies use our reports for:

  • Partner Scouting and Vetting
  • Pitch Development
  • Activation and Campaign Guidance
  • Defining Impact Metrics
  • Assessing / Mitigating Brand Risk
  • Developing Storytelling Narratives
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting

Reports are delivered fast, in concise, plain language and include actionable insights & recommendations.

Fan Mobilization

Fan Mobilization

Our Fan Mobilization Playbook of climate and social action challenges is the activation toolkit that builds ‘armies for good’ from your fan base.

Inspire, track and report the cumulative actions of your fan base for good causes through gamified, experiential + mobile challenges.

Grounded in behavioural science, digitally tracked and measured and fueled by passion and rivalry, choose from our playbook or design your own, all powered by our agile, interoperable software platform — to run on YOUR trusted, preferred marketing channels.

3rd Party Verification

3rd Party Verification

Transparency and independent validation are increasingly critical factors in attracting investment, securing financing, obtaining insurance and the issuance of event permits.

5T is a trusted independent validator of events and organizations seeking sustainability certification according to recognized industry standards.

Our familiarity with these standards and both the necessity - and advantages - of meeting them can support your event in meeting all stakeholders' performance expectations.

Expertise on Demand

Expertise on Demand

There has been a seismic shift in brand strategy driven by social, economic and climate shocks which aren’t letting up anytime soon. The demand for action from all players is clear. Organizations need to catch up – fast – but how?

We bring specialized benchstrength to power up teams at:

  • Global Brands trying to place ESG goals and metrics into their sports partnerships and to leverage those partnerships for social and environmental goals.
  • Agencies delivering the business intelligence and data-driven analysis to serve brand and sports partners to deliver, credibly and measurably, social and environmental campaigns.
  • Host Cities and bid/organizing committees to design and deliver inclusive events that yield economic, social and environmental returns to all stakeholders

Impact Projects

Thought Leadership

We’re seasoned advisors to the Sports Industry, laser focused on environmentally and socially responsible business operations. A certified B Corp, 5Tool Sports Group has been in the game of using the power of sport to make the world a better place since 2008.

Why “5 Tool” ?

A ‘5 Tool Player’ is a baseball term for an athlete is strong in all five fundamentals of the game (hitting for power, hitting for average, running, fielding and throwing), making the player an all-around asset to the team. 5 Tool Players are rare and highly valued.

We chose this name originally to convey our complete knowledge of the sports business, from strategy to partnerships to operations and activations, making us an asset to every aspect of our client’s business.

Today, we use the term to refer to the 5 tools we all have to drive change:

  • Our Values

  • Our Actions
  • Our ‘Team’
  • Our Voice
  • Our Influence

Strategic Advisors to:

Strategic Advisors to: