LED: Liquidity Extraction Devices

 Managing the lighting at a sports stadium or arena is one of the most important facets of a venue Operations Manager's job. Its performance has to be stellar. It represents a cost that is significant that needs to be minimized. And it is a major factor in a venue's Greening (or not). LED lights, which are both high performing and energy efficient, initially faced a slow adoption curve in the industry due to high costs. But, as the cost curve is moving down, more venues are making the switch to LEDs. (more…)

By Aileen McManamon, ago

Old Parks Every Bit as Green as New

This Sunday, the English Premier League (EPL), the world's most popular soccer league, concludes its season with the championship still in the balance. Fans the world over will be glued to their TVs to see whether Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester City bring home the crown (ManCity is in the driver's seat as of this writing). Aston Villa is at the other end of the EPL spectrum, barely above the dreaded "relegation zone" (each year, the teams that finish in the bottom 3 of the 20 team league get "relegated" to the league below the EPL). But, Villa is at/near the "top of the table" in terms of the EPL's environmental sustainability rankings. (more…)